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Rushmans Challenge for Blogging

On reviewing our blog recently I realised we haven’t posted anything for a while.

We have been busy. Super busy. In fact the busiest I can remember for a good few years. But the nature of our work has changed.

We are ‘under the radar’ working in ‘stealth mode’ for our clients. They wouldn’t appreciate us telling the world what we are doing. We are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and unlike many, we respect them.

On refreshing our website recently we decided against loading up all our client logos. We debated that a fair bit. We are proud of the global nature of our business and the high profile brands and management teams, governments, tech and sports organisations that we have worked with, and continue to work with. However times are changing.

On the one hand there is the general push for transparency and yet much of our work requires discretion. Strategic advantages are hard won and often best played out before becoming obvious.

So we decided that discretion is the order of the day for us.

We may write up some anonymous case studies though . .

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