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Accreditation — Who Cares and Why

Somebody asked me today why they should care about Accreditation. I was talking about the cloud based software we have launched for the Sports Event Industry.

The only time it’s not relevant to events is if there is no one there. Then there is no event of course. Assuming there are attendees of one sort or another, it is a matter of the number of people and the prominence of the event how important Accreditation is and to what degree it needs implementation.

Accreditation / Registration / Credentialing call it what you will is important to different events for different reasons, but now it is so simple and inexpensive to undertake I would argue it is advantageous to all but a very few events.

At the most basic level it is useful having the contact details of all that will be involved in the event and at its most serious it is an essential element of a major events security plan to screen individuals and control access.

All major events of any description have Accreditation programmes, often very expensive, using lots of staff and expensive software. Many smaller events don’t have those resources to implement such programmes even though they have the need albeit to a lesser degree.

They need to be just as secure, they need to be just as organised having data at their fingertips to fully understand the dynamics of their event. Understanding and interpreting data, now we have the tools at hand to do it, will become increasingly useful for all events.

So everyone should care about Accreditation. Even if you are going to an event as a spectator you will want to know that the organisers have made all efforts to keep you safe and that means controlling access on many levels. That is simply not possible without carefully administered Accreditation.

Insurers should also care to know that event accreditation systems are robust and well implemented.

Of course all of those working and participating at events want to be able to access the correct areas with the minimum of fuss and be assured that only the correct people are in those areas.

So now with all events have access to a very sophisticated accreditation tool. They can use it very simply or use all the powerful features at their disposal – just like the big events. They can print all their own passes on their own printers or get them printed and shipped to them.

All the applications will be securely stored with attendees only needing to enter their data once and having the option to store their personal details for future events. Particularly useful for staff and media for instance that move from event to event. Imagine how many times sports federation people have to go through that process.

So that’s why everybody should care about Accreditation and no event has the excuse of being too small or not having enough resources.

We are very interested to hear all views on Sports Event Accreditation and our cloud based software — so please do comment if you have time it will be much appreciated.

You can find our software at and we are always pleased to hear from people with comments. Constructive ones anyway!

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