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You Are Not A Pigeon…

I know these are Doves!!!

Don’t get pigeonholed. It limits your opportunities. Don’t pigeonhole yourself either.

How do people look at you? How do people see you? Those are two very different questions — however one thing is sure, they do not see what you see, maybe they don’t even see what you think they see.

They are looking at you through a different frame, from their paradigm.

Your Mother will see you from a different frame to your colleagues and a colleague will likely see you differently to your close friends. They may have you pigeonholed….

‘Oh, he is very good at X but not good at Y.’

Well that may not be the case but that is what people likely think. Or more likely they just won’t connect you at all with one of your passions.

Of course you are likely to have different personas, work, life, family, etc. Peoples impression of you is formed by context and their impression of you through the frame that they view you.

Inevitable, but sometimes it may pay you not to be quite so predictable. To show a side to you that may surprise them. Show those hidden talents.

It has never been easier to correct misconceptions about you. One place for a quick look is to Google yourself. What do you find? Anything? Do you like what you see? Well if you don’t change it. If Google picks this blog up it may well ‘Frame Me’ as a Pigeon Fancier. Well I have nothing against pigeons but that would not be an accurate portrayal of me.

So it’s all about what you put out there, what you wear, what you say, who you hangout with, where you are and increasingly your on-line persona. But most importantly its about what you do.

You are not a pigeon, don’t get pigeonholed  — Or at the very least, choose your own pigeonholes.

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