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Will the last one to leave turn out the lights

Monaco can seem very strange at this time of year. At night a quick glance at the apartment blocks with so few lights on shows that not many people are home.

I just walked down past Larvotto beach – the sun was rising and it is going to be a beautiful sunny day here. It was the quietest I have ever seen it.

I saw a friends dog taking its minder for a walk and a couple of hardy souls were swimming in the sea, one supermodel type in the gym and a couple of workmen leaning on their shovels. That was it.

So where are all the people? Gone back to wherever they hail from and Private Jetted off on expensive holidays.

Residents also go away to escape the hordes of Italian tourists that invade Monaco on New Years Eve. It seems that half of Genoa and all of Ventemillia cram into Casino Square just before midnight for the worst view of the fireworks. The American Bar at the Hotel de Paris put up barricades (not kidding) and increase the door staff who are well versed in picking the rabbit from the mink.

Well I am off in the morning and will turn out my lights. Back in 2017 – almost certainly.

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