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When Worlds Collide . . .

Cavalry & Guards Club Piccadilly London

Interesting to mix the grandeur, formality and splendid comfort of a club such as my London Club (I am an Overseas Member) with modern business.

London's gentlemen’s clubs were never intended for business, they are an oasis of calm, retreat and fun on a social basis. Interestingly though as the barriers between work and play are broken down for me at least (and I know others) the distinction between work and leisure is becoming increasingly blurred.

I never thought I would find myself saying that I am pleased the clubs maintain their rigidity and code of conduct, etiquette and rules, but I am. No shouting and mobile phones apart from in the rooms put aside for that purpose and work, no jeans, it’s all rather civilised and can be a space to think.

Ties though? Honestly they should be optional. They are after all, a rather affected fashion accessory for old codgers.

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