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When a brand becomes a verb things get interesting

Think Google or Hoover. We Google for Information or ‘Hoover’ the carpet. But what about Dyson?

Some of a certain age ‘Hoover’ carpets with a Dyson.

Dyson the Disruptor and Innovator.

But we don’t Google on Bing do we? Whoever you are out there that uses Bing, you don’t do you? So are you Binging while we all Google? Or are you Googling using Bing?

Who will Disrupt Google?

Lessons have been learnt

Not for Google will there be a ‘Kodak moment’, owning their space and then having it swept from under them and ceasing to exist. Kodak owned early digital photography patents but stuck doggedly to film. Game over.

No Google will not sit and wait for a couple of dudes in a garage to disrupt their market, they will sweep them up sit them on the edge of their organisation and get them to disrupt from within / without and that will enable Google to become stronger by design.

So who will disrupt Google? Probably Google.

Constantly thinking about innovation, improvement and how you could disrupt your own enterprise (or even your life) is valuable work.

We should look around us now and not so spend so much time looking over our shoulder but looking ahead. It’s where we are going, not where we have been, that counts today. We need to spend time thinking hard about our enterprises and what may be around the corner.

Everything has changed and continues changing so let’s look in different places and keep learning all the time. Constantly learning is the only way we can hope to stay tuned to the world around us.

Stay Curious — as the man said

Keep looking for those ‘Disruptors’ they are coming to get you . . .

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