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How fast is your brain?

Fortunately, your brain can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds

It can remember more than 2,000 images with 90% accuracy over the span of a week. So images are a very powerful tool.

That’s one of the reasons John developed the process of Structured Visual Thinking™.

Another reason is that during the process of co-creating those images, we are able to collaboratively extract powerful thinking from senior teams and individuals.

By putting those images into a framework we create a tool for understanding, sharing and collaboration. We are working on new tools for the application of the Thinking / Strategy / Plan.

We have proven over thousands of projects worldwide that whatever the Challenges and Opportunities facing you and your organisation right now, applying some ‘weapons grade’ thinking – collaboratively – visually and in a framework gives you a turbo charged solution.

And of course because it’s visual – it’s fast.

In the last few weeks we have worked with a startup in fintech/gaming, the shipping Industry dealing with carbon emissions, a government determining future strategy, a national team to see how they can better interact with their global parent, a media group make sense of emerging tech, a leading AI conference, a government with a major sports event strategy, a client developing new media channels and an organisation trying to make sense of their new market dynamics.

In all of these, SVT has played a part in an overall programme delivering real value to the organisation.

Challenges and Opportunities are the business we are in. Could we help your organisation with some of yours?

Let’s talk…

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