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Thinking about your business

Incredible isn’t it? We all think about our businesses, of course we do. But how disciplined is that thinking? Random thoughts and ideas, some captured, some not. Some considered/actioned, some not.

Thinking is probably one of the most undervalued tasks in business. Collaborative thinking even less so. How much time do you see allocated to it? And yet, it is the very essence driving success. How much real effort does your organisation put into thinking?

The odd brainstorming session? Sticky Notes on walls etc? How structured was it and what was the outcome?

In fact, had anybody really thought about what it was all for or did you spend a fair bit of time answering the wrong problem really well?


Years of meetings like that lead my partner John Caswell to create Structured Visual Thinking™

Visual Structured Thinking in action

Each of those words is significant. Structured because without structure it is very difficult to unravel the issues in a meaningful way to create an actionable systemic solution/way forward. Visual because huge documents don’t get read and people find it so much easier to take in information, understand it and debate it when it is expressed visually. Thinking because it is Critical for sustainable business.

We are students of thinking. We study the process in all its manifestations and we know that Structured Visual Thinking™ using Frameworks and the process we have used hundreds and hundreds of times around the world for large and small organisations of every description, is the very best process available.

It has not failed us or others yet.

The best brains to apply to your Challenges and Opportunities nearly always reside within your own organisation. Sometimes supplementing with specialists from outside can be useful and we can often help with that. Giving your own team the opportunity to think collaboratively in a structured visual environment is extremely powerful. The results are outstanding. Often groundbreaking and vital.

So whether it is thinking about the next steps/strategy for your enterprise, penetrating a new market, dealing with competition, launching a new product, people development and engagement or even revalidating your existing strategy, get in touch.

Let’s have a quick chat to see if you would get real value from working with us. If we can’t deliver real value for you, I will tell you quickly — we won’t waste anyone’s time. The value of working with us using Structured Visual Thinking™ has often been said to be “Immeasurable” and we see its impact every day.

That’s why we love what we do.

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