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There’s Power in Numbers

Always Challenging Convention No Matter How Classical The Wisdom — Lets Make It Real

Rushmans And Group Partners —

Making What Matters Real…

We’ve spent 50 Years Learning Together.

Always In Search Of Positive Outcomes…

3000 Successful Assignments With Global 2000/Fortune 500 Companies And Institutions Served. Over 400 Major Events Delivered. We’ve Tackled Pretty Much Every Kind Of Business Challenge.

For A Full List Contact Us…

360 Degrees Of Thinking. Visual Tools That Deliver 60,000 Times Faster Cognition. A Focus On 10x — Exponential Outcomes. A 24x7x365 Organisation Behind Us

And in more than 30 countries

Rushmans + Group Partners = RGP

A Very Powerful Formula — Whatever The Challenge

Rigour Guarantees Purpose & Purpose Is Generated Through Reality

It all adds up –

Unlike the many strategies we’ve encountered along the way

On these pages you will find links to a wide selection of solutions and applications of our work. Two companies working both together and on individual assignments — but at the heart a common premise and purpose:

Making What Matters Real

What Drives Us?

Building Value Every Step Of The Way

Many an enterprise will sit in darkened rooms and consider their futures.

Usually with the leadership quite disconnected from the rest of their operation.

And a fair few of them will do a fine job of it. However in our experience a lot of these strategies will fail for one of two reasons.

1. They consider execution as something that happens shortly after strategic thinking — not considered as a part of the same thing or —

2. They fail to engage with realities within their operation (and the wider context) sufficiently enough to make it happen and for it to become a sustainable part of their business.

That can be a very expensive mistake.

Often fatal.

Singel Minded –RGP

Reality And Growth On Purpose

The creators of Rushmans (Nigel Rushman) and Group Partners (John Caswell) have worked together for over 25 years.

Nigel Rushman – Let’s Not Mince Words

That’s 25 years of continuous learning. Identifying what it means to make it all tick — and what doesn’t.


For us it’s almost secondary what the challenge is.

We’ve worked on every type of challenge — from creating global strategies for Fortune 500 companies to helping a nation win global recognition — and from entrepreneurial start-ups in emerging technology to Government Agencies and NGO’s helping to make society actually work.

Setting An Example

A Balanced Look At The Work We Do…

In the following links you will find a wide variety of examples, sites and documents extolling our work — giving examples of the good company we keep.

We Hope The Following Links Make What Matters To Us Real To You.


Contact Us

Telephone — +44 (0) 1264 852010 — E-mail At

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