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The Underrated Power of Intuition in Business Consulting

In the world of business consulting, expertise and knowledge are often the highlighted attributes that draw clients to seek professional advice. However, there's an underrated aspect that doesn't get as much attention but is equally crucial in making sound business decisions: intuition. As a seasoned entrepreneur and consultant, I've come to realise that the 'gut instinct' is a powerful tool that can guide businesses through uncertain terrains and lead to remarkable outcomes.

The Role of Experience and Knowledge

Experience and knowledge are the bedrock of any consulting practice. They are the tangible assets that clients look for when they hire a consultant. These attributes are critical because they are the result of years of learning, both through formal education and hands-on experience in the field. Consultants are expected to have a deep understanding of business transformation, project management, and the specific industries they serve.

The Intuitive Edge

While experience and knowledge are essential, intuition is the subtle art of connecting the dots that are not always visible through data analysis or traditional problem-solving methods. Intuition in business is about making decisions that feel right, even when they may not be entirely supported by data or evidence.

Intuition is a subconscious process that taps into our past experiences, patterns we've observed, and the wealth of tacit knowledge we've accumulated over time. It's the internal filing cabinet of situations and outcomes that seasoned entrepreneurs have at their disposal, which informs their decision-making process.

Intuition and Decision-Making

The Harvard Business Review suggests that intuition has its place in decision-making but warns against relying solely on gut feelings detached from rigorous analysis. This is sound advice, as intuition should not replace analysis, but rather complement it. The best business decisions often come from a blend of insightful analysis and intuitive judgment.

Encouraging the Use of Intuition

At Rushmans, we encourage our clients to harness their intuition. This doesn't mean making whimsical decisions without any basis. Instead, it's about recognising that sometimes the most powerful insights come from within and that a seasoned entrepreneur's gut feeling is informed by a rich tapestry of experiences and knowledge.

Why Choose Me/Rushmans as Your Consultant/s

When you choose Rushmans as your consultant, you're not just getting a firm that will provide you with data-driven advice. You're also getting a firm that understands the power of intuition in business. We bring to the table a balanced approach that values both the analytical and the instinctual, ensuring that your business can navigate both the complexities of data and the nuances of human experience.


In conclusion, while experience and knowledge are the cornerstones of a successful consulting practice, intuition is the secret ingredient that can make all the difference. It's the ability to see beyond the numbers and to feel the pulse of a business that sets apart great consultants from good ones. As you consider your next business move, remember that intuition, when paired with experience and knowledge, can be your greatest ally.

In our consulting practice, we strive to embody this balance, offering not just expertise but also the intuitive insights that come from years of entrepreneurial experience. If you're looking for advisers/consultants who can bring both analytical rigour and intuitive wisdom to the table, look no further. Let's harness the power of both to drive your business forward.

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