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Silly fuss about Brexit Negotiations

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

What is all the fuss and talk of “complicated negotiations” and “lack of a plan” and “no strategy”?

It’s rubbish. There need be no plan or strategy. Just action. It’s mind blowingly simple. Britain leaves EU and gets on with working properly with the whole world without European interference. UK sets its own rules.

All this talk of how complicated the issues of leaving are is just obfuscation and delay. These are simple issues if the objective is to leave.

In my view career politicians and civil servants are entirely unqualified, and from what I have seen of their pronouncements and performances so far, do not have the clarity of objective and indeed thought required to negotiate.

If indeed it is a negotiation at all the position is beautifully simple and with a massive mandate. A great position of strength from which to negotiate for experienced negotiators.

Leaving is easy – just get on with it. Then deal with the issues from a world perspective rather than the restricted view of Europe’s failed attempt at Empire.

One world, a whole world to trade and live as freely as possible. Forget all these trade blocs. Eventually national jingoistic politics (I include ‘Europe’ in that) will be irrelevant and then hopefully things will get a whole lot better.

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