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Positive Disruption

Sometimes it is necessary… Just to keep people ‘Real’.

How often have you listened to a conversation only to think, ‘Come on — you are not really going to do that’. I hear it all the time.

People being unrealistic about their own capabilities or their level of commitment to get stuff ‘done’.

Some of the best Strategic planning sessions are great ‘in the room’ but they are not ‘Real’, they are just talk and we all know that talk is cheap (often all you get from consultants and worth about as much)

So why do people not intervene

in these discussions?

When you hear full on BS why not gently and politely tease people back to reality? Ok it can be a little disruptive but it is a ‘Positive Disruption’ and if done with care it can make the difference between a waffle session and something that can ‘Make the Difference Real’

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