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It’s not just what you think it’s what you do. .

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

We all of us, all businesses, have challenges and opportunities.

It’s how we deal with them that sets us apart from the ‘also rans’.

Before we act, we need to think. And that is not just any thinking.

Thinking before we take action is obvious isn’t it. Thinking without action is just bloody useless. So is action without thinking...

There are a lot of busy fools about.

How much work have you done learning how to think? What about your team?

A challenge or opportunity that is thoroughly examined, researched, thought through, debated, thrown around between the best heads you can muster and then chewed over some more will likely be some good thinking. It will likely have a much better chance of developing some action and implementation that will lead to success.

Turbo charge that by visualising the process with strategy and implementation specialists. working alongside you and your team and you have given yourself an almost unfair advantage.

I know this is true as I am involved in this day in and day out for years and have been part of the teams who have benefitted from this approach.

I have worked with the guys at Group Partners and added my piece to their Structured Visual Thinking process. My part is the ‘Making it Real’. It is what has built our practice at Rushmans.

Studying Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking coupled with ‘can do’ real life practical experience and application. Adding this super charged thinking to the coal face. The boots on the ground implementation of the nuanced strategy developed.

It’s a winning formula. It wins bids and new business sometimes against seemingly overwhelming odds. It creates recovery plans where there has been no hope. It helps the brightest stars and the most talented of teams (big and tiny) realise their goals.

It works where consultants fear to tread. It’s faster and less expensive too.

This approach has been used by businesses of all sizes and types all over the world, governments and NGO’s just about every type of organisation or enterprise you could think of. All of these thousands of assignments undertaken in complete confidence often under the highest secrecy restrictions and at the highest levels.

The briefs have been from £10,000 to hundreds of thousands. Some have taken a week – some months.

All started in the same way. A chat, hopefully over a very good coffee but often over Skype. Always interesting the chat costs nothing of course and is completely without commitment either way apart from confidentiality.

Think about your Challenges and Opportunities. What could you achieve? Better still – get in touch and we will think about them together and deliver what really matters Executiion on the thinking to ‘Make it Real’.

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