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Enough is Enough

Truly Shocking. Yes it is.

But it’s just another image right? We look away and of course we feel disgust and anger and empathy with the dead and their families and and and . .

But it’s just not enough is it. IT'S JUST NOT ENOUGH.

So we assume there are some governments somewhere doing something and Obama or someone is growing a set of balls to use his massive military might to just wipe these bastards off the face of the earth?

Well they aren’t are they because we see schoolchildren being massacred and we see journalists slaughtered and we see countless acts of terrorism flashed across our screens every day.

We are becoming and will become, inured to this and the acts of terrorism will become more and more severe to make us pay attention. People have been beheaded on TV — I almost can’t believe I just wrote that.

What have I done about it all? Nothing. What have you done about it? I suspect nothing too. What can we do? We don’t know. We don’t have bombs and planes and weapons of minimal destruction let alone the ghastly mass destruction kind.

Who cares if you are a right on sandal wearing ‘right on’ dude, a Wall Street suit or just anyone at all. None of us want this disgusting menace and the atrocities to continue. Not later today, tomorrow or ever.

The only thing I can think of is for us to have a really huge voice . . .

A voice so loud that no one can ignore it. A voice that no right thinking person would want to ignore. A voice that blows the hair back of politicians and leaders and generals and any one that can affect this terror and shouts “What are you going to do right now to stop this”. “Go and get these evil people — stop the political correct hand wringing and crap — go get em and bring them to justice, remove them from our Global society right now — no excuses, people are afraid and dying” That’s your most important job right now.

We could do that at least couldn’t we?

That would be starting a movement — there are lots of them and we may or may not agree with their cause or motives but I cannot think of anyone who would disagree with ridding ourselves of these people of evil intent towards humanity.

We could start a movement and make sure we are heard or will we just go on watching the gut wrenching stuff happen and look the other way?

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