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Complexity Screws us All...

There is no denying that enterprise has become very complex.

But why do executives and managers actively seek to over complicate their lives by adding more and more complexity?

It adds stress and disenchantment removes initiative and job satisfaction and ultimately completely disengages people from the enterprise.

Simplification, streamlining, optimisation is the way forward — Making it Real.

In the engagements we see with corporations there are over complex organisational structures and operational models, so complicated that the people working within them gave up trying to understand them shortly after they joined.

These working practices should never have evolved and are certainly obsolete for the commercial and human environment of today and the future.

Thr complexity that has built up around us causes layers of cost for people doing unnecessary tasks and people trying to solve problems that shouldn’t exist or maybe don't exist.

Watch Dr Yves Morieux’s Ted Talk - he has nailed it.

Applying it can be more simple than you think but only if you create it as a mindset and thread through the whole organisation.

If you are interested in de cluttering your organisation, bringing clarity and simplicity to enable your people to engage with vigour and purpose then let’s talk.

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