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Celebrating a big Win!

No not the Olympics or the Euros.

A win for a client, the achievement of a successful programme of activity that has a major impact.

Something that is meaningful for the people of a nation. That has changed perceptions and will have an impact on how many perceive their country.

The frustration of not being able to shout about our success as others do - is the nature of our work. To not even be able to say who the work was for or in relation to what. That is a big change for us, when we used to work more in the open.

It is understandable that clients want confidentiality. Indeed we advise them so. We should not be part of the story and I have seen other firms fail their clients in this regard and detract from the success of programmes and projects by 'blowing their own trumpets.'

So we must be satisfied in knowing that the hard work, patience and long hours have paid off and really made a difference.

The celebrations may be outwardly muted but not in my house!

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