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Festivities at the Bunker are Limited

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Technically meetings can still happen. But people are cautious. The rules are complex.

We have adapted to Zoom calls and some.

With the Rushmans team working from around the world we have had numerous international Zoom calls and there have been plusses and minuses. We have invested in the best tech to support this 'new normal' we can find - huge screens, high definition cameras and sound - we are as geared up as anyone and we need to be for the complex workshops and Structured Visual Thinking sessions to continue.

Less travel has not meant less stress on the team. We have lost thinking time and clients have come to expect that we are always available. When clients and ourselves are based across multiple timezones that can be exhausting!

However, now we have the onset of Christmas festivities. Is it me or do people mentally switch off and check out a few weeks before Christmas? Our Muslim clients seem to take off all the Muslim religious festivals and holidays and now Christmas as well? If they add Easter I am beginning to wonder when people will actually schedule getting work done?

So in our thinking bunker and studio in deepest darkest Wiltshire in the UK, we have hung a festive wreath made by Sophie Rushman to celebrate the onset of Christmas festivities that seem destined to happen principally over Zoom and conference calls.

Nice for the postman, delivery drivers and couriers though . . .

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