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Poor Little Rich Kids

There seems to be a growing obsession in the UK. Forcing expensive Public (for that read top Private) Schools to accept children from poorer backgrounds.

The idea is that they will benefit from higher educational standards. Maybe they will.

And I read this morning it will be aspirational for them. Poor sods.

So they get sent to a school amongst privileged peers who live in a world beyond their comprehension. Where far from money being the issue it is for their own families, it’s a disposable commodity for their peers.

The ski trips to Courcheval staying in their parents luxurious chalets. Travelling by Private Jet with helicopter transfers. Summer holidays on the yacht in St Barths. The latest designer clothes and accessories. Smart new cars as soon as they are old enough. Constant partying in London and money no object parties.

Yes that must make those kids from poorer backgrounds feel really good. Must really build up their self confidence and creativity. Inspire their curiosity.

Or does it just stuff their heads with facts to enable them to pass exams. The educational culture of these hot house public schools is driven around passing exams with high grades for University entrance. Preferably Oxbridge. Yet another privileged environment for them to endure.

How disadvantaged must these kids feel. Unable to participate in so many aspects through lack of funds. Of course some will thrive with the educational opportunities. Others may not. It may build deep resentments.

And what of the parents.

Parking their car, if they can afford one amongst the Bentleys and Range Rovers of wealthy families on Speech Day must be a great feeling. Listening to conversations about Rupert’s endeavours in South America at Easter.

The pressure on these parents to buy all the things their child needs so that they don’t feel quite so disadvantaged. To help with the holidays, spending money, clothes. The pain of not being able to do that for their child must be heartbreaking for them.

The strain on their family finances must be horrendous.

So is all this such a good thing?
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