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Optimisation and Evaluation

The correct path to follow and the optimal way of following that path.

Sometimes it appears obvious. From where you are standing. But from another viewpoint, it could appear fraught with difficulty. It takes experience and considerable practice and effort to be able to examine many options before charging ahead.

There are many models of thinking to apply before making the decision that will considerably increase your chances of success.

Optimisation almost becomes a state of mind, a compulsive way of working. Built into a daily workflow for many it can have transformative outcomes for organisations. However, it involves change. Not just change in processes and procedures but a change in mindset and actions and they are notoriously difficult.

For Optimisation to happen takes a committed and engaged leader. Engagement and the willingness to stay closely involved and to see it through however hard it is is probably the biggest key to the success of any Optimisation programme.

Evaluation is more about the 'Thinking' the examination and using of many lenses and thinking models along with critical psychological analysis to thoroughly understand the context and unpack the reality.

I love this work, its why I do what I do.

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